2021 COVID-19 Update

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1stQuest Trip planner provides customized travel plans made by artificial and human intelligence. Our algorithms are built on learning from travelers and trip planner experts. Besides that, all countries` sightseeings and planning specifications are reviewed by destination experts.

First, you tell us your preferences: country, dates, number of travelers, budget, and the attractions you absolutely want to see. It just takes a few minutes. Based on that, our artificial intelligence creates a travel plan which considers both your preferences and the feasibility. Eventually, one of our destination experts takes a final look at the plan to make sure it`s perfect.

After submitting your preferences, you will receive your personalized plan within 48 hours.

Our trip planner service is entirely free. You don`t need to create an account not pay any fee to receive your plan. Our destination experts are also available to provide free advice on any of our destinations.

You like your plan, but it`s not yet perfect for you? Just reply to the email you`ve received or contact us at planner@1stquest.com and let us know which modifications you`d like. One of our destination experts will get in touch with you and apply these changes.

You can contact us any time at planner@1stquest.com to book online your whole trip or separate services such as accommodations, day-tours, local guides, etc.

Traveling during COVID-19


Travel to Iran during COVID-19

LAST UPDATE: April 14th, 2021

Iran has announced the reissuance of tourist visas from July 2021. It will be possible to apply for a Iran tourist visa from the beginning of June. The exact date and conditions of entry have not been detailed yet but don`t hesitate to contact support@1stquest.com for updates and to start planning your trip. In Iran, vaccination against Covid19 has also started and wearing a mask is mandatory in most public places to keep you safe.


Travel to Oman during COVID-19

LAST UPDATE: April 14th, 2021

Due to Covid 19, Oman has banned entry of visitors from April 8th 2021. Previously, a one week quarantine was mandatory on arrival. Authorities have not announced yet when tourists will be allowed to enter the country again and under which conditions.